English Honors/Isaacs Scholarship

The English Honors Program

The English Honors Program welcomes students who have shown exceptional ability in their English coursework and who want to expand their knowledge by working on a thesis project.

English majors with a minimum 3.3 GPA may apply to join the English Honors Program. Honors students are required to take at least two upper-level seminars and spend a semester writing an Honors Thesis under the mentorship of a full-time faculty member. The Honors Thesis may be a critical essay (of at least 25 pages plus a substantial bibliography) or a creative project (a portion of a novel, a work of creative nonfiction, or a collection of stories or poems). English Honors Students receive an Honors designation on their transcript and are recognized at graduation and at the Department’s annual awards ceremony. 

All qualified students, and especially those considering attending graduate school, are urged to apply for admission to the English Honors Program. Applicants are asked to submit a personal statement and provide the name of at least one faculty member who will recommend them to the program. On the basis of the applicant’s statement, faculty recommendation and grades in English courses, the Honors Committee decides whether a candidate is qualified for honors work.

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The Isaacs Scholarships

The Julius & Betty Lewis Isaacs Scholarship Program has offered support to English majors at City College for over four decades. Students with freshman or sophomore status, with a minimum 3.3 GPA and a minimum 3.5 GPA in English courses, may apply to the Isaacs Scholarship. Isaacs Scholars automatically become part of the English Honors Program and are also required to undertake coursework in a classical language. The Scholarship provides substantial tuition support for up to eight semesters. The Isaacs Programs also partners with the City College Fellowships to provide support for more advanced English majors who plan to apply to graduate school through the CCFELL/Isaacs Scholarships.

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Students with questions are encouraged to contact the director of the Honors Program and the Isaacs Scholarships, Prof. Robert Higney, at rhigney@ccny.cuny.edu or the Honors/Isaacs program administrator, Renee Philippi, at rmphilippi@ccny.cuny.edu.


Assoc. Prof. Robert Higney
Location: NA 6/223
Phone: NA 212-650-8475