Global Modernisms Program

Using art to remake the world and break from the past, modernism happened around the world in many different geographical locations, languages, and minority and majority cultures, at different time periods and for different reasons. Our proposed certificate program puts European modernism alongside the global, colonial and postcolonial literatures of Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and the Middle East, bringing them together as responses to transnational forces of the market, imperialism, war, and migration. We already offer 100 level courses called “World Humanities,” so this certificate is a natural outgrowth, but another goal is to better understand contemporary movements of people and ideas and cultural products over national and international borders and through a range of media. The program is ready to welcome students, and we anticipate that it will be of interest to English majors and minors as well as to students with majors in history, international studies, economics, philosophy, political science, comparative literature, sociology, and art.

The letter “M” from a collaboration called “Alfabeta” by artist Karel Teige, poet Vitězslav Nezval and dancer Milča Mayerová
(Prague: 1926)

As long as certificate program credits go towards the 120 credits for graduation, these courses can be covered by financial aid, the same way taking any electives outside of major or minor requirements will still qualify a student for financial aid.

Complete at least 1 of the following Courses:

  • ENGL 25000 – Intro Literary Study
  • ENGL 28000 – Introduction to Comparative Literature
  • ENGL 27001 – Literature of Diversity: Literature of Immigrants

Complete ALL of the following Courses:

  • ENGL 49016 – Global Modernisms


Complete at least 2 of the following Courses:

  • HIST 46900 – Indian Cinema and Popular Culture
  • ENGL 36500 – Selected Topics in Twentieth-century and Contemporary Literature
  • ENGL 36600 – Selected Topics in Anglophone Literature
  • ENGL 36700 – Selected Topics in Literature of the Americas
  • ENGL 39105 – The Literature Of Im/Migration
  • ARAB 31101 – Literature of the Maghreb & Mashrek in Translation
  • BLST 31175 – AfroLatina/o Literature
  • JWST 31132 – Arab-Jews in Literature and Cinema: before and after Israel
  • JWST 15000 – The Literature of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
  • JWST 11000 – Jews Of Eastern Europe
  • SPAN 31111 – Caribbean Cinema
  • SPAN 31356 – Borges & Cortazar
  • SPAN 35300 – Studies in Spanish American Literature
  • INTL 20100 – International Studies: A Global Perspective
  • INTL 33200 – Transnational Feminisms

At least one of the courses chosen should ideally be an elective from a discipline other than English.