Language, Writing, and Rhetoric Program

Disciplines across the humanities and social sciences have for decades investigated the complexities of learning, practicing, researching, and teaching language, literacy, and rhetoric. The proposed certificate offers undergraduate students the opportunity to develop interdisciplinary knowledge of the theories and politics of language, writing, and rhetoric, with classes drawing on research situated in linguistics, sociolinguistics, literacy studies, discourse studies, composition and rhetoric, second language writing, and education.

Just as graduate students in the English Department may elect to concentrate on language, writing, and rhetoric within the thriving MA Program in Language and Literacy, this certificate affords undergraduate students the chance to engage this scholarship. The department already regularly offers electives on “Topics in Language, Writing, and Rhetoric” (ENGL 36900 and 46900); building upon those offerings, the certificate serves as a more comprehensive introduction for interested undergraduate students at City College, including the department’s own English majors and minors, who wish to expand their intellectual exploration of English studies through interdisciplinary inquiry.

Earn at least 12 credits. Certificate completion will be reported to the registrar (and will appear on student transcripts) upon the completion of the following requirements

Complete at least 1 of the following Courses:

  • ENGL 25000 – Intro Literary Study
  • ENGL 28000 – Introduction to Comparative Literature
  • ENGL 27000 – Literatures Of Diversity

Complete ALL of the following Courses:

  • ENGL 21200 – Introduction to Language Studies
  • ENGL 369XX- Selected Topics in Language, Writing, and Rhetoric

Complete at least 1 of the following Courses:

  • ENGL 34200 – Advanced Grammar
  • EDCE 25600 – Lang-Mind-Society
  • EDCE 22100 – Sch Family&Community
  • EDCE 32300 – Emergent To Fluent Literacy
  • EDCE 35301 – Lng & Rd Spn Bln Ed
  • EDCE 35303 – Tch Rdng In Chinese
  • MCA 10100 – Introduction to Media Studies