Publishing Certificate Program

The Publishing Certificate Program at CCNY was established in 1998 on the initiative of best-selling author and CCNY graduate Walter Mosley. The program offers  a variety of courses and seminars to undergraduates and non-matriculating students which will provide them with the knowledge, professional skills and contacts necessary to enter the publishing industry. The core curriculum is taught by book professionals who are leaders in their fields.

A special concern of the Program is the issue of diversity in the book publishing industry and its impact on cultural production and our national and global markets. Drawing on CCNY’s racial, ethnic and class diversity, and its proximity to the national center of the book industry, the PCP is uniquely situated to address this industry-wide concern. Professional training, meaningful employment and job retention are of key interest to the program faculty and administration.


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In 1998, writer and City College alumnus Walter Mosley, like Saint Paul, was struck by a proverbial bolt of lightning: he realized that if more people of color worked in publishing,  diversity among published writers would increase. 

And that’s the beginning of the Publishing Certificate Program (PCP) at CCNY. Mosley contacted then CCNY President Yolanda Moses, who was co-member with him on the Board of the National Book Foundation. They met with publishers on the NBF board and encouraged them to support the creation of a publishing program at City College. Major companies — John Wiley & Sons, Harcourt, Little Brown, Bantam Doubleday Dell, and Scholastic – responded to the call with multi-year grants to CCNY. 

The PCP offers a comprehensive publishing program with professional training to CCNY students, especially those from underrepresented minorities, so that they can enter the publishing world as successfully as their counterparts from more elite colleges. We did not duplicate the then existing Radcliffe (now Columbia) Summer Institute or the NYU, Stanford, or Denver programs. We seek students from all backgrounds who love books and reading, and have never considered publishing as a career option. When they graduate with a PCP certificate, they are ready to go!

In the 25 years of the PCP’s existence, more than 350 students have earned the certificate by taking a minimum of four publishing courses such as E-Book Publishing, Legal Issues, and Books for Young Readers. They also complete  internships in publishing houses or literary agencies. In addition to their coursework, this robust internship program gives our students the hands-on experience or apprenticeship necessary to succeed.

Along the way, we have partnered with the Association of American Literary Agents, Viking Penguin, Edelweiss by Above the Treeline and the Women’s Media Group to give our students additional support and mentoring. We are proud to say that approximately 50% of our graduates have worked in publishing for at least one year and that today at least 30% of our graduates are employed editors, designers, and publicists in publishing—some with over 20 years of publishing experience.

We have a talented and committed faculty comprised of Yona Deshommes (Riverchild Media LLC), Rebecca Maines (Maison Vert), Nick Thomas (Levine Querido), Daniel Vazquez (Astra House), Cherise Fisher (Wendy Sherman Associates),  Jennifer Buño (formerly of Scholastic, Inc.), Steven Weissman (Fortune, Inc.) and Philip Rappaport (formerly of Open Road Media) Past instructors include and veteran independent editors Retha Powers (former PCP Assistant Director and now VP at Holt, Inc.), Carol Taylor (McKinnon Literary Agency), Tanya McKinnon (McKinnon Literary Agency) and Rakia Clark (Harper Collins, Inc) all of whom continue to mentor our students.

PCP has been a great success story, and we look forward to expanding the program over the next few years.

David Unger, Director

The following courses constitute a core curriculum for students interested in a career in book publishing in editorial, sales, publicity or marketing, book composition and design. Courses are grouped by professional area; students are encouraged to develop a track of studies that will provide specialized knowledge and allow them to respond to the dynamic and constantly evolving interaction of publishing departments.


ENGL 33800 – Digital and E-Book Publishing
This course delves into the transformative impact of the digital revolution on the publishing industry and reader behaviors over the past 30 years. Engage with industry experts through in-person talks, readings, videos, and podcasts. Topics include eBook production and design, SEO and metadata, audiobooks, digital marketing, social media strategies, and generative AI like ChatGPT. Coursework involves online discussions, written assignments exploring virtual and indie bookselling, backlist publishing, cover design, and a final group project to edit, design, and market an original eBook.

ENGL 32501 Introduction to Publishing
This required course offers students a dynamic overview of the book publishing industry,  including book acquisitions, editing, design and production, sales, marketing, advertising, corporate management, law and finance.  

ENGL 32502 Publishing Practicum
Students simulate the complete book-publishing process from contract negotiations to bound book. Prerequisite: Introduction to Publishing. 

ENGL 32600 Books for Young Readers
A look at the world of publishing for children and young adults. Licensing, merchandising, sales and marketing to all age groups and reader categories will be discussed. Includes substantial reading of children’s titles. 

ENGL 32700 The Editorial Process
An in-depth look at the editorial process from a corporate and employment-seeking perspective. Includes visits from authors and industry professionals.

ENGL 32800 Fundamentals of Copyediting and Proofreading
An intensive course focusing on a variety of texts including fiction, nonfiction, cookbooks and references. Students will employ universal copyediting/proofreading symbols in type-marking manuscripts and learn design coding; drafting of style sheets; querying; and preparing a manuscript for author review, etc. Prerequisite or co-requisite: Introduction to Publishing. 

ENGL 32801 Legal Issues in Publishing and the Arts
A course covering the crucial clauses in an author-publisher contract; intellectual property issues; the First Amendment; general copyright matters; defamation; invasion of privacy; obscenity;  and internet copyright issues. 


MCA 20900 Introduction to Public Relations
An introductory course on the practice, concepts and theories of public relations. Students learn the fundamentals of persuasive communications, public opinion, market research, writing for the media end effective media relations.

MCA 21000 Introduction to Advertising
A course introducing students to the advertising industry. Students analyze, evaluate and simulate advertising campaigns from a marketing perspective.

MCA 36200 Public Relations Writing 
Students examine message dissemination and how to write public relations plans and corporate directed communications. Projects include press releases, media alerts, pitch letters, tip sheets, PSA’s, media kits and web PR.

MCA 36300 Advertising Copywriting
A course focusing on solving marketing problems through copywriting. Students write, edit and evaluate copy including print, radio, TV, mail and promotional materials individually and in teams.

MCA 37500 Advertising Management 
An introduction to basic management in advertising. The course focuses on the economic, social and legal aspects of the industry with an emphasis on advertising’s role in marketing and consumer behavior.

MCA 37600 Advertising Planning
Students apply principles of advertising management to specific problems and case studies. Focus is on developing advertising strategies, budgets and media plans in domestic and international environments.

ECON 21250 Principles of Marketing
Students examine the distribution and sale of goods and services from production to consumption. The course focuses on affecting consumer behavior, merchandise economics and product theory.


ART 29500 Typography 
An introduction to typography as form and its relation to graphic communication. Application of typographic design to brochures, magazines, packaging, and advertising.

ART 29510 Graphic Design Concepts
A course exploring the relationship of type and image in graphic design and strengthening conceptual and visual skills. Students use traditional and computer technology.

ART 29520 Illustration
A course on aspects of contemporary illustration in various media such as books, magazines, advertisements and posters.

ART 39510 Electronic Design I
An overview of design for print media, including page layout, integration of text and image, and the use of vector and raster-based software for design.

ART 39512 Production
Production for digital media distribution channels: print, web, ebook, apps, film/video. Development of projects from ideation, sketches, file setups, editing/revisions, final preparation and delivery.

ART 39540 – Design: World Wide Web 
Development of HTML documents and images, design and prototype testing of a logical hierarchical information structure. Students will develop an actual site.

ART 49510 Electronic Design II
A continuation of ART 39510, covering contemporary design styles and issues in information design. Individually scheduled lab time.

ENGL 31003 Independent Study: Publishing Internship
Mandatory internship for students who have completed four publishing courses with at least a 3.0 average. Students are recruited for internships with major and independent book publishers including Penguin Random House, Inc., Hachette Book Group USA, W. W. Norton, Inc., HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, Inc., Sourcebooks, and Scholastic, Inc. An eight-page seminar paper reviewing and analyzing the relationship between academic preparation and work experience is required.

Fareeda Bullert (CCNY ’13) has been involved in the publishing world for as far back as she can remember, from volunteering at the local library, to attending Book Expo America to interning at two publishing houses–Abrams Books & Bloomsbury USA. Currently she works in the publicity department of  Grand Central Publishing, an imprint of Hachette Book Group, organizing a tour for Scott Turow or reaching out to the media to promote romance author Anne Barton. Fareeda is pleased to say that the PCP helped her pursue her goal of not only reading books she loves, but also promoting them as well. She says that “The Publishing Certificate Program at CCNY guaranteed my future involvement in publishing with their program and support.”

Yona Deshommes (CCNY ’04) has been in publishing for almost 10 years. She began her career as a publicity assistant at Warner Books (now Grand Central Publishing), followed by an Assistant Publicist position at Harper Collins. She is currently a Senior Publicity Manager at Atria Books, an imprint of Simon and Schuster, responsible for coordinating publicity for Strebor Books, Atria’s African American literature line, and is the in-house publicity liaison for Cash Money Content Books. She has worked with myriad authors that include New York Times bestselling authors Common (One Day It’ll All Make Sense), TD Jakes (Let It Go) and Zane (Addicted). Deshommes’ upcoming projects include Mayor for Life by Marion Barry with Omar Tyree, Things I Should Have Told My Daughter by Pearl Cleage, and Glow by Rick James with David Ritz.

Edison García is the International Sales Manager for Latin America, Caribbean, and the Middle East, and Africa for the Perseus Books Group. He started his career in publishing during the 2008 summer interning in the Penguin, Inc. publicity department. Then he joined the Associate Publishing Program at Simon & Schuster, first working in the Managing Editorial Department before joining the adult marketing department and International Sales as coordinator. In his present position with Perseus, Edison covers a wide territory but he is pleased with his management team and is grateful to travel all over the world presenting books that he considers awesome and is “proud to represent.”

Peggy Samedi (CCNY ’03) completed the PCP while interning at Warner Audio.  She began her career as a bookseller at Barnes and Noble before joining Alfred A. Knopf as a production assistant. She worked on graphic novels, fine art books, bird guides, and many literary novels. In addition, she belongs to the Book Industry Guild of New York, a member-operated professional literary organization. As an active Guild member, she co-chaired the New York Book Show, which honors, celebrates, and encourages excellence in book design, production, and manufacturing.

Maureen Winter (CCNY ’04) completed the PCP after concluding an internship in the editorial department of Palgrave Macmillan. She began her career working at Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers, an independent non-fiction book publisher as the Assistant to the Publisher, but Maureen’s role quickly expanded to international rights and export, and special markets. In 2007 Maureen took on the management of the warehouse club business, and in 2010, the management of Black Dog & Leventhal’s proprietary publishing imprint, Tess Press. Maureen is now the Sales Director at Black Dog & Leventhal, in charge of all domestic and international sales.


David Unger
Director, Publishing Certificate Program
Location: NA 6/323
Phone: 212-650-7925

Christina Castro
Assistant Director, Publishing Certificate Program
Location: NA 6/323
Phone: 212-650-7927