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The MA in English Literature at CCNY is an intellectually and culturally diverse urban program with robust international connections. It is home to a community of students who will go on to work in education, administration, publishing, and other fields. Many of our students end up going on to study in some of the top PhD programs in the country.

Other students go into professions ranging from advocacy, publishing and reporting to marketing, consulting, web-design and technology.

Compared to other similar programs, ours is distinguished by its links to a large MFA in Creative Writing program. Our students have the opportunity to round out their education by taking classes there, and MFA students are also an exciting presence in our literature courses.

The MA in English Literature is one of three graduate programs offered by the English Department. Students in the three programs take many of their classes together, but the three programs are separate and quite distinct. The MA in English Literature is a classic literature program, focusing on the reading and analysis of literary texts. The MA in Language and Literacy prepares students to work as teachers of rhetoric and composition. The MFA in Creative Writing helps students become poets, novelists, writers of plays, scripts, and creative non-fiction. Before you apply, you should make sure you are applying to the right program. Below you will find information about the MA in English Literature. For the other two programs, check the department website: CCNY English Department.

Fall Application Deadline: May 01
Spring Application Deadline: November 15

Application Requirements/Application Checklist:

  • Official Transcript(s)
  • Resume/CV
  • Two Letters of Recommendation
  • Personal Statement
  • Two Writing Samples, each no longer than 20 pages each (no minimum length)
  • $75 fee



Associate Professor Václav Lucien Paris
Director, Master of Arts in Literature
Location: NAC 6/356
Phone: 212-650-6336

Advising hours
By appointment

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