Study abroad opportunity for master’s students

The graduate programs of our Department have partnered with four European institutions of the Joint Program in English and American Studies:

University of Graz (Austria)

University of Bamberg (Germany)

Ca’ Foscari University Venice (Italy)

University Paris Cité (France)

This partnership allows students pursuing a Master’s degree in the English Department at City College to spend a semester abroad as part of their coursework—and MA students from our partner institutions to spend a semester with us in New York. The program is open to all CCNY students, but the number of places per semester is limited. Students must commit to bringing home 9 credits’ worth of courses.

For more information about the Joint Master’s Program and the partner institutions, visit

(Please note that CCNY is NOT a degree awarding partner: participating CCNY students are not students in the Joint Program. Instead, they benefit from studying for a semester at a partner institution as a way of fulfilling requirements for their CCNY degree.)

Participating students don’t pay tuition fees at their European host university, although they may have to pay small administrative charges. City College students must remain enrolled at City College while they are abroad, and pay full-time tuition, registering for 9 study abroad credits. The European partner universities may offer certain benefits, including financial, to City College students.

If you are interested in spending a semester abroad, you should plan ahead, and start the conversation at least a full semester in advance by contacting the program coordinator at City College: Prof. András Kiséry (