Faculty Stories: “War, Peace & Poetics” Anthology, Edited by Professor Laura Hinton, Out Now.

Cris Cheek, “No War Signs” (multimedia) 

Chant de la Siréne, Journal of Poetics & the Hybrid Arts has just released Issue 3: “War, Peace & Poetics” edited by CCNY English Professor Laura Hinton. The issue features work by over thirty poets, visual, performance and multimedia artists, and features Cris Cheek’s “No War” image series.

Below is an excerpt from the introduction, written by Professor Hinton:

“War has forever existed as ironic cause of and foundation for human civilization. War claims property. It violently negotiates religious belief systems that appear foundational to human collectivity. It establishes and re-enforces other community social orders like the dominance of binary gender roles through its “heroic masculinity” warrior stereotypes, propagating the concept of “female” exclusion zones and defining concepts of “cultural manhood” for children and adults alike. It propagates ideological propaganda of all types.“War” continuously recycles and teaches a social politics founded upon outsider/insider binary structures, a system that makes the implicit ‘stranger,’ a social ‘enemy’…

…As humanity realizes itself as a globally extended community of multiple societies and bodies, of competing signs and genders and religions, we see ourselves living upon a large but not infinite plane of space, a shrinking ontological universe in which no one can escape the latest catastrophes of war.

War must now become antique.”–Laura Hinton, Editor

Read the issue here.